Paying Rent



Rent must always be paid in advance and on the day it is due. It is our standard practice to deduct rent via a direct debit system.  There is no charge for this service, but if funds are unavailable your bank may charge a fee. 


It is the tenants legal responsibility to pay rent as agreed - any variations can result in eviction and may affect your ability to rent in the future, as well as being recorded on your credit history. Please keep track of when your rent is due - this is your responsibility.  If you do need to alter the date for a direct debit please phone 6224 0823 or email  at least 48 hours before it is to be debited. Permanent changes will need confirmation in writing 




If you are having difficulty in paying your rent please contact us to discuss the problem before your rent is due.  This is really important.  We can usually work out a solution if we know beforehand, but if you miss rent payments without talking to us it can result in eviction.